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Get the perfect-fit for your ski boot from Sport Patterer!



  • Foot Analysis (standing analysis)
  • Advice from our ski boot specialists and MasterFit BootFitters (free of charge for new purchases from Patterer)
  • grinding
  • last widening
  • Brand-related customization options (Salomon Customfit 3D, Nordica Infrared)
  • custom made soles
  • custom made ski boot soles
  •  General liner adjustment (free of charge for new purchases from Patterer)
  • Thermal liner adjustment  (free of charge for new purchases from Patterer)
  • Position correction (heel stabilization and positioning | volume reduction
  • Special work (calculation depending on the effort)
  • Repairs of ski boots (rivets | straps | buckles)
  • Processing of foreign shoes by appointment

At Sport Patterer you can be sure of finding boots to suit your personal needs and comfort.


Our staff offer friendly, competent advice and ensures the perfect fit for your feet.


Great fitting ski boots at long last! With tailor-fitted ski boots made possible by state-of-the-art technology, comfort and safety are guaranteed! The boot fitting takes every aspect of your feet into account – so that nothing stands in the way of a comfortable skiing experience. What’s more, perfectly fitting ski boots also result in significantly improved performance on the slopes. The more precisely energy is transferred, the better your performance, endurance and safety.

The ultimate fun ride is only ensured by a perfectly fitting ski boot.